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High school and college at the same time


There are three areas required for dual high school and college progress.

Time Line Analysis
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They are:

  1. High School program that will convert tested out college level credits into high school credits to fulfill your high school requirements.
  2. A means to help the student study and pass the CLEP and DANTE’s tests.
  3. Colleges that will convert the test out credits into college credits.

Requirements for the:

High School:

  1. Must adopt a policy that a student can accelerate their education by completing two years or 120 High School can be earned in one year or 60 High School credits per semester.
  2. College level credit counts double for High School credit. A semester or 3.0 College credits counts as a year’s worth of High School credit or 10 High School credits.
  3. Passing the CLEP or DANTE tests counts as College credits.

Passing the CLEP and DANTE tests:

This is done through iStudySmart's study plan. Home Base College has negotiated discounts for families and individuals with istudysmart.

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Academy of Private Christian Education

Academy of Private Christian Education is an Independent Study Program if a family does not have a private school through an affidavit or belong to another Independent Study Program. Tuition per family per year is $325.

How to find a College:

The National Education Affiliation will research 380 colleges and universities per your criteria for a college or university. All institutions are Regionally Accredited which is the highest accreditation in the United States. This accounts for 10% of the 3800 colleges and universities which take tested out college level credits.

Home Base College can give individuals and organizations a free National Education Affiliation membership so they can get discounts for National Education Affiliation services.

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