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High school and college at the same time


High School and College at the Same Time

Home Base College (HBC) is on the cutting edge of distance learning education. Presented solutions now offer the possibility of dual progress in high school and college. A freshman in high school can use an online study guide program to prepare for CLEP and Dantes tests offered by the College Board.

Taking the CLEP and Dantes tests result in college level credits. These college level credits become college credits when they are transferred into a college. These tests have been offered since the mid 1970s and have been used by many students to accelerate college advancement.

Since there is no minimum age to take these tests, high school students can also participate. Participating in testing out creates a dynamic opportunity for homeschoolers to achieve dual high school and college. Subjects tested out are normally given double credit in high school while also satisfying college requirements. The family's homeschool or independent study program can give the high school credits. A number of online regionally accredited colleges like Thomas Edison, Charter Oak, and Excelsior colleges can be used to convert the test out credits to college credits after the student has obtained their high school diploma.

Normally these colleges will allow the student to test out of 90 of the 120 college credits required for a four year college year degree. Some colleges may allow all 120 college credits to be accomplished by the testing process for specific degrees.


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